The winners of the project "Show Your Village" were revealed
The winners of the project Show Your Village were revealed
29 May 2019

The project ‘’Show us your village’’ was completed finished and    the awarding ceremony was held in Khashuri, where the construction of the new analogy  for the temple of Bana in Tao-Klarjeti is underway.  The authors of the winner video were revealed from four municipalities and they were given paid presents.  Also, the memorable gifts have been given  to the authors of  twelve video-clips  who moved to the  final stage.   In the end, an image video will be made according to each video.  

Giorgi Khojevanshvili,-the State Representative of Shida Kartli, his deputy,-Nugzar Samkharadze, the Mayors of the Shida Kartli  Municipalities,  their deputes, Archbishop of Surami and Khashuri Eparchy Svimeon, heads of culture service departments of the municipalities, the author of the project idea and the participants together with their parents presented the event.

,,I’m glad that the project has been implemented, especially so successfully. As far as I know, almost  all ages of  participants took part in the competition.  There are a lot of interesting and diverse places in Shida Kartli which definitely needs to be promoted and introduced to society with its history and traditions’’,-said Giorgi Khojevanishvili.

Constructing of monastery-educational center in Surami and Khashuri eparchy which is an analogy of Bana in Tao-Klarjeti, is underway. The foundation of the cathedral was consecrated by the Catholicos –Patriarch of All Georgia last year. Bana is located in historical Tao on the territory of Turkey.  The cathedral of Bana is the only round Georgian cathedral of the Georgian old architecture and dates back to VII century.