Georgian strawberries and blueberries will be sold at the USA market
Georgian strawberries and blueberries will be sold at the USA market
25 June 2020

‘’Glenbury’’ Ltd., located in Kareli Municipality, is an enterprise which was founded by the financial support of the state and  exports Georgian products to several countries.    The company exported 20 tons of strawberries and blueberries processed by shock to the United States this time.

Giorgi Khanishvili, First Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture, together with Giorgi Khojevanishvili, the State Representative of  Shida Kartli and Ilia Tamarashvili, Director of the Rural and Agricultural Development Agency visited ‘’Glenbury’’ Ltd to get acquainted with the production process.       

According to Giorgi Khojevanishvili, the existence of such enterprises is important for the economic strengthening of the region.  

 Since 2018, in the village of Kvenatkotsa, Kareli Municipality, the modern standard refrigeration farm "Glenber" Ltd has been established with the financial support of the state, within the framework of the "United Agro Project".    

 A total of GEL 5 million was invested in the enterprise, of which GEL 600,000 was a grant and the rest was invested by the beneficiary. 1,200 tons of various fruits and vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator every year. In addition, the refrigeration complex has a processing infrastructure where, using a unique shock freezing method, it is possible to process 10 tons of fruits and vegetables in 24 hours.

Glenbury Ltd. employs 150 locals. The company has introduced the International Food Safety Standard - ISO 22 000. This year, the company's owners have planted broccoli at 5 hec and strawberry plantation at 11 hec.