A new school is being built in Tedotsminda
A new school is being built in Tedotsminda
20 June 2020

Infrastructure works are underway in the village of Tedotsminda, Gori Municipality. By the end of the year, locals will be able to use the upgraded road infrastructure. The project is implemented by the local municipality, within the framework of which it is planned to pave the access road to the school.

The length of the rehabilitation road section is 700 meters. According to the project, asphalt cover and connections will be arranged, as well as entrances to the yards. Up to 500,000 GEL is provided for the rehabilitation of the road. In addition, a new school is being built in Tedotsminda with the co-financing of the Municipal Development Fund. The educational institution is designed for 60 students and its construction will be completed in September this year. The cost of construction works includes more than one million GEL. A fence and a sports field will be arranged together with the school building.

Shida Kartli State Representative Giorgi Khojevanishvili and First Deputy of the State representative  Simon Guledani inspected the works and got acquainted with the construction process. According to the State Representative, each ongoing project in the region is tailored to the needs of the population.