A 15-kilometer road is being constructed in the Dzama Gorge
A 15-kilometer road is being constructed in the Dzama Gorge
10 October 2019

The State Representative of Shida Kartli,-Giorgi Khojevanishvili, his Deputy Simon Guledani and the authorities of the local self-government inspected the constructing-rehabilitation works of the road in Kintsvisi-Gverdzineti-Tkemlovani at the Dzama Gorge. Asphalting of the 15.4km section of the road is planned within the project, which will cost more than 14 million GEL. Currently works are underway on the site for piles and wire-networks, as well as artificial structures and road pavements. The project is being implemented by the Roads Department of Georgia and will have been completed by 2020.
This road is the only one which leads to the churches and monasteries in the gorge. It is also important in terms of promoting tourism. It is noteworthy that after the arrangement of the road infrastructure, two regions,- Shida Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti will be connected with each other.
“ The road construction works in the Dzama Gorge are of multifaceted importance, first of all, the population living in the surrounding villages will have access to an orderly infrastructure and this will solve a perennial problem. Also, there are many churches and monasteries in the area, and this is the only way to get there. The all-known Bateti Lake, which is popular with hikers, will host many more visitors. Most importantly, in the future, this road will connect our gorge with Bakuriani and will be of strategic importance between the two regions,’’-said the State Representative.