A Ceramic Production Plant is being Built in Kaspi
A Ceramic Production Plant is being Built in Kaspi
22 January 2020

David Saganelidze,-Executive Director of ‘’The Partnership Fund’’, Shida KartliState-representative Giorgi Khojevanishvili and Sozar Subar,- the Advisor of the Prime-Minister in Regional Items looked round the process of  construction  of the brick factory which is being implemented by ‘’The Partnership Fund’’ and  European  ‘’Ceramics El Torrent’’ Company with 100 years experience.

 Construction of a European standard and high-tech ceramic production enterprise in the village of Metekhi, Kaspi Municipality, is being carried out with the participation of the Partnership Foundation, the Spanish company Ceramica El Torrente and the Georgian company Ceramica El Torrente of the same name. The project also includes the state program "Produce in Georgia" and "Cartu Bank".The clay quarries in the Kaspi municipality are used during construction. Bricks made with modern technologies are characterized by improved thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation and reduced weight. The total cost of the project is USD 3 million.

Completion of construction of the building and infrastructure is planned in April. The plant is currently being dismantled in Spain and it is planned to be shipped to Georgia. The plant will offer the first construction and finishing materials in the fall. The company will employ about 50 locals.