Kareli Hospital, where the "Fever Center" operated, returned to normal working mode
Kareli Hospital, where the Fever Center operated,  returned to normal working mode
05 June 2020

Kareli Central Hospital, which was fully declared in the conditions of the new Coronavirus pandemic on April 19, As the fever zone, returned to normal working mode. Shida Kartli  State Representative Giorgi Khojevanishvili got acquainted with the situation in the clinic together with the Mayor of Kareli Municipality Zaza Guliashvili.

As of today, the epidemiological situation in the region is stable and under control. Accordingly, the clinic, which will be fully operational from April 19  as it was a fever zone, returning to the standard medical mode  and services, however, if necessary, if there is an appropriate recommendation from epidemiologists, there is an isolated boxed department that provides management of suspicious patients on COVID 19. I would like to thank once again the medical staff, the people who had to work in the highest risk conditions  and absolutely  selflessly and professionally coped with their duties, "- said Shida Kartli  State Representative.

From April 19 to June 1,  Kareli Central Hospital of ‘’Gormedi ‘’network received 260 patients at the Fever Zone Hospital. According to the director general of the clinic, Vasil Cheishvili, 335 samples were sent to Lugar's laboratory, including 75 of the medical staff, and 64 rapid tests were performed and none of the cases were confirmed.