Asphalt work continues in Khashuri
Asphalt work continues in Khashuri
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16 June 2016

The current asphalt work processes of Agara-Jorjadze road has been attended by the active governor of Shida Kartli, Ioseb Okromelidze, Deputy of Governor Amiran Shavshvishvili and municipality governor Giorgi Guraspashvili in Khashuri municipality. The project is financially supported by “Regional development Fund”.

One third of the asphalt works are almost done for this time. 1600 meters asphalt works are considered to be done within the frames of the project. The city will be free of traffic jam and 3000 inhabitants will have the opportunity to drive comfortably. Indeed, after the construction works the cityscape will be decorated. The project is executed by LTD “GEKA”. The construction process will be finished in July of the current year.    

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