New roads and bridge - Infrastructural workings continue in Kaspi
New roads and bridge - Infrastructural workings continue in Kaspi
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08 July 2016

Roads and bridge rehabilitation process has been attended by the active governor of Shida Kartli, Ioseb Okromelidze with the Kaspi municipality governor, Gocha Gochitashvili. The region governor has checked Paata, Tavisufleba, Kojori and Grishashvili streets’ current rehabilitation processes. There will be up to 2000 inhabitants who will enjoy after Paata street rehabilitation. Length of the road is 1000 meters and its rehabilitation cost covers 923 232 Gel. Within the frames of street rehabilitation project, it is planned to be done: side-walks, kerb-stones, reinforced concrete cuvette and garden entrance construction.  There will be bins along the side-walks. 
LTD “Sagzao Sammartvelo №1” realizes Tavisufleba, Kojori and Grishashvili streets’ 2260 meters rehabilitation projects. The abovementioned working processes are financially supported by Regional Fund with 550 500 Gels. 
Besides, the active governor visited bridge rehabilitation process over the river Lekhura. Length of the bridge is 36 meters and its rehabilitation is financially supported by the local budget which covers 235 599 Gels. 
“There will be smart urban development after the rehabilitation processes in Kaspi municipality. Indeed, the local inhabitants will feel the difference.”- said Ioseb Okromelidze.
The roads and the bridge rehabilitation projects will be finished in august of the current year.         


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