17th Coordinating meeting was held in Gori
17th Coordinating meeting was held in Gori
10 August 2016

There was held 17th coordinating meeting in the assembly hall of Gori municipality. The meeting was led my deputy governor Guram Macharashvili. The meeting was also attended by regional, ministry and NGO representatives who implement some projects to improve population social-economic well-being of the region.
Coordinating meetings in Georgia has launched after the 2008 war. The aim of the meetings was to coordinate humanitarian activities in order to increase the welfare of the internally displaced people and the communities of Shida Kartli.   
Coordinating meetings which was held once in two months was organized and directed by UNHCR. According to the representatives of International organizations saying Shida Kartli Governors administration was successfully organized the format of the meetings, therefore future coordinating meetings will be lead by the Governors administration with the involvement of local authorities, non-government and International organizations. 
During the meeting official representatives paid a lot of attention to the projects which are oriented to support the adjoining villages of the dividing line.